10 Best Savings Accounts

10 Best Savings Accounts

Most of us have opened up checking accounts and are managing our finances with ease. What we forget is that a savings account is a necessity as well. How many of us have saved some amount for an emergency or saved something for our retirement? Well, not all of us. While checking accounts give you security, saving accounts help you secure your future. Check out this list of 10 best savings accounts you can choose from.

Ally bank
What makes Ally your best choice of banking is that they take no monthly maintenance fees and require no minimum deposit to open. Your interest is compounded on a daily basis and it has an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 1% which is one of the best savings rates. You can also easily transfer funds through Ally Bank Savings account

Barclays bank
This bank service is available only online. One of the special features of Barclays is that it is equipped with tools to assist you in saving, setting goals and calculating the time required to reach those. It is very easy to make online transactions with this savings accounts. There is no minimum balance needed or no monthly maintenance charge. Their customer service is available by phone.

Synchrony bank
Offers 1.05% APY. This account comes with no minimum balance and no monthly maintenance fee. What’s more, you get discounts at spas, hotels, and car rentals with their account. This bank’s customer service is available through phone and the internet.

Discover bank
Discover Bank offers you 1.01% APY. It requires no monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance requirement and no minimum opening deposit amount. However, if you deposit $15000 while opening your account, you can get a bonus of $100.

Alliant Bank
It comes with a 1.05% APY when you maintain a minimum balance of $100. There is a monthly free on $1 which can be exempted if you opt of e-statements. A minimum deposit of $5 is required but this can be balanced with the bonus you receive when you open an account with Alliant. Customer service is available for you 24/7 over the phone.

Capital One 360
APY of 0.75% and requires no minimum balance and no monthly maintenance charges. ‘My Savings’ feature lets you set savings goals.

Bank5 connect
Offers 1.90% APY but requires a minimum balance of $100 to earn interest. A minimum of $10 is needed to open an account. You get free online and mobile banking. Deposits are insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Company.

CIT Bank
You get an APY of 1.05% but there is a requirement of $100 deposit. There are no monthly maintenance charges and no minimum balance requirements. You have 24/7 online access to your account and also your mobile devices.

My Savings Direct
With no minimum balance required and no service fee, this account offers an APY of 0.85%. Opening an account here is quick, easy and hassle-free.

AlloStar Bank
Offers you an APY of 1.05% while a minimum of $50 must be deposited to open an account. You will earn interest with no monthly service charges. You get free mobile banking, free debit card and 24/7 online banking.