3 crucial tips for managing dementia

3 crucial tips for managing dementia

The degeneration of brain cells can lead to the development of various health concerns. It can compromise the person’s cognitive and physical function and deteriorate their lifestyle. To avoid these complications, doctors often recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating unhealthy foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent the brain’s and other organs’ free radical damage. Here are three essential tips that help avoid the degeneration of brain cells due to dementia.

Have these foods to prevent degeneration
Proper nourishment is essential for brain functions, and providing the correct nutrients helps prevent this organ from rapid damage. Here are some foods to consider:

  • Nuts
    Regular inclusion of nuts in meal plans can help develop better cognitive skills. It can also help keep other systems running smoothly. Nuts have also been linked to having a better memory.
  • Green vegetables
    Two servings of green vegetables a week can help prevent the degeneration of brain cells. Those who include leafy vegetables in their daily meals are better protected against cognitive decline.
  • Fatty fish
    Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in fish like salmon, tuna, and herring. This nutrient also benefits people with low cognition and those at risk of developing degenerative brain disorders.
  • Berries
    Berries are rich sources of anthocyanin, a compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This compound helps prevent free radical damage and brain cell degeneration.
  • Olive oil
    People who regularly use olive oil for cooking show better cognitive function. It helps in slowing down brain cell degeneration and the onset of symptoms.

Get personal care
For patients who can’t afford a long wait to see their physicians or can’t travel to a clinic, Optum Care can be of great help. The organization partners with healthcare professionals and clinics to provide better healthcare services by caring for patients’ primary and special-care needs. Optum Care thrives in building a healthier life for patients.

Get a senior phone
Lively’s GreatCall is another essential service that can make caring for patients easier. The company has senior-friendly medical alter devices and mobile phones. Formerly known as GreatCall, Lively’s basic plans start from around $15. It uses Verizon’s network service and on-demand concierge services for doctor consultations. Lively’s response time is impressive, benefiting anyone looking for reliable service.