3 easy, diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes

3 easy, diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes

Living with a chronic condition like diabetes can be extremely difficult. Moreover, the restrain diabetics have to show when it comes to food is something others cannot fathom. The food that people with diabetes are asked to switch to is healthy, but at the same time, it doesn’t stand a chance against bacon and fried eggs, which people usually love having for breakfast. However, to ensure that they do not experience hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, it is imperative for diabetics to consume healthy food even though it tastes bland.

Diabetics can now rejoice as the days when oatmeal or kale were the only options for breakfast are long gone. The internet is rife with amazing breakfast recipes for diabetics, and these are extremely healthy. So, read on to learn about some amazing breakfast recipes that do not require much effort.

Breakfast shake
Though diabetics need to refrain from consuming ready-to-make shakes without consulting their doctor, they can enjoy a nice homemade breakfast shake. For this easy breakfast shake, you’ll need one cup of fat-free milk or plain nonfat yogurt and half a cup of fruit, such as blueberries, bananas, or strawberries. You will have to blend these ingredients with one teaspoon of wheat germ, a teaspoon of nuts, and ice. Once you blend it, you’ll be looking at a tasty, filling, and healthy breakfast.

Muffin parfait
Muffins are a big no for people with diabetes, but healthy muffins, a completely new concept, will not trigger fluctuations of the blood sugar level. So, get a whole grain or high-fiber muffin and cut it into half. Once you complete halving it, cover it with berries and top it with a dollop of low or non-fat yogurt. This muffin parfait recipe ensures that you can relish the muffin without feeling guilty at all.

Breakfast burrito
Burritos are not exactly known for being healthy, but you can definitely make healthy breakfast burritos. You will need a nonstick skillet and cooking spray, and once you are armed with these, scramble eggs with onions and green peppers or spinach. Once the filling is ready, place it in a warm, whole-wheat tortilla and sprinkle some non-fat cheddar cheese and salsa over it. Voila! Your breakfast burrito is ready. Also, using whole eggs for this recipe won’t cause problems for diabetics as whole eggs have more nutritional value than egg whites.

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