4 laptop accessories to complement your new Costco laptops

4 laptop accessories to complement your new Costco laptops

You’ve finally picked your favorite from the ocean of Costco laptops and you’ve got some extra cash to splurge. Why not buy one of these amazing accessories for your notebook?

  • Kenneth Cole or Fūl Hexar laptop bags

Depending on your lifestyle and preference, you can choose either the Kenneth Cole Weekender Duffle Bag or the Fūl Hexar backpack for your Costco laptops. The Kenneth Cole is made with quality materials, has a Saffiano finish, and is the perfect style-convenience combo. It has a roomy interior with a zipper pocket, two open top pockets, and three card slots. The metal feet offer added protection.

The Fūl Hexar is bold, sporty, and offers optimum protection and storage for your electronics. Available in two bright colors: orange and blue, it features a fully-padded laptop compartment and a tablet sleeve with plenty of room for other things.

  • Cool Bose and ECOXGEAR speakers

Whether your Costco laptops have an excellent sound system of their own or not, getting a Bose SoundLink is never a bad idea. This compact Bluetooth speaker is available in black and red color variants and features an 8-hour battery life that makes it perfect for little outings. It produces a full-range sound that’s clear and well-balanced. It won’t take up too much space in your backpack either.

If you’re a bathroom singer, venture out on many water sports activities, and need your music by you at all times, you may want to try ECOXGEAR’s EcoStone. This 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers a 12-hour battery life and can be connected to your Costco laptops easily.

  • Trendy headphones and earphones

It’s the dead of night, and your spouse won’t have you blowing up aliens. You want to finish that movie, but your roommate has a no-noise-after-9pm policy. What do you do? Get a pair of 1More in-ear earphones that feature two drivers for superior sound. They will be compatible with your iOS and Android Costco laptops. Or, you could get the Beats Solo3—wireless Bluetooth headphones that offer up to 40 hours of battery life. These are excellent for on-the-go usage as they offer 3 hours of playback with a 5-minute charge.

So, complement your Costco laptops with these amazing accessories that will give you an awesome multimedia experience.