5 popular sports and fitness brands

5 popular sports and fitness brands

For the past few decades, the sports and fitness industry has been on an all-time high in the country. Not just for athletes, even the common consumers have become extremely brand-conscious, and demand the best for their fitness endeavors. Fortunately, various sports and fitness brands were able to create products that were comfortable, durable, stylish and most importantly functional. Here are a few of the most popular labels you should consider shopping from!

Apart from their eternally inspiring tagline, Nike is renowned for their quality athletic footwear across the world. Aside from footwear, they manufacture a number of sports and fitness products including clothing, accessories, and equipment for men, women, and children. At the moment, Nike is flourishing in China, amplifying their overall brand reach internationally.

The ace competitor of Nike, this German-based multinational is one of the oldest sports and fitness brands known for its athletic shoes and clothing. In 2017, Adidas observed a sales growth of 30% in the country alone. Recently, they have successfully revived their classic collection of sneakers, bringing the retro chic vibe back in trend.

New Balance
Like Adidas, New Balance has a legacy of over a century and has been extremely popular for its creative sneaker designs. It is the only brand to produce over 4 million pairs of sports shoes annually. Moreover, they have made their customization process easier and quicker by digitalizing it on their website, a feat that no other athletic footwear brand has delivered yet.

Under Armour
A much younger brand in comparison, Under Armour, offers a range of casual and athletic wear as well as shoes. In a short span of time, it has managed to become the third best sports and fitness brand in the country. An eco-friendly approach and innovative utilization of fabric technology are two main reasons why Under Armour has gained recognition on an international scale.

Like Under Armour, Sketchers is a fairly new contender in the sports and fitness market. However, within 36 years, the label has succeeded in creating a loyal customer base for itself. One of the biggest reasons for Sketchers’ success is tapping into the athleisure retail trend, where customers use sports shoes as well as athletic clothing, whether they work out or not. In a nutshell, their sports and fitness products are not restricted to athletic use and can be worn in school, at work or even on social occasions.