A closer look at the buttons and features of GoPro Hero4

A closer look at the buttons and features of GoPro Hero4

Action cameras are a popular range of cameras trending for recording various physical activities. These cams are great at recording full HD videos and images, waterproof, and fully shockproof. The GoPro Hero4 is the latest addition to the series. Here we are to give you a closer look at the button and the features of the camera. Read on!

Navigation menu
The power button lets you navigate through various menu options such as settings, functions, and modes once the device is on. These menu options include burst, settings, video, photo, and time lapse.

For the GoPro Hero4 Action Camera, the Bluetooth option works as a power saving feature. The option helps in recognizing when the device or your smartphone is close by and assists in reducing the consumption of power.

The GoPro camera also comes with a shutter-select button that works as a shutter option, which is found on every camera. Once the device is on, the shutter/select button can be pressed to start the recording and pressed again to stop the recording.

WIFI and settings option together
The camera features a WIFI button, which when pressed once works as the settings button and when held for a few more seconds switches on the Wi-Fi option. Moreover, to get an access to the Wi-Fi option, you need to first enter the settings option and then move to the Wi-Fi settings. This specific addition was made to prevent the Wi-Fi being switched on and off accidentally.

Video mode setting
The video mode setting is the first mode of the camera once switched on. It helps you choose from various fields of view such as wide, medium, and narrow. Herein, you can also choose the frame rate, the video resolution, clip numbers, and the record time. Along with these, the video mode setting lets you check the SD card capacity and the remaining battery life.

Hilight tag
On the right side of the GoPro device, you can locate the Hilight tag button. Earlier, you had to scroll through numerous photo shots to find the best picture. However, the new feature of the Hilight tag button helps in tagging a picture immediately once clicked so that you can locate the picture easily while editing it and not spend hours finding it.

Some of the popular accessories that are available for GoPro Hero4 are GoPro Smart remote, GoPro Rechargeable batteries, GoPro Dual battery chargers, GoPro Mounts, and GoPro Screen protectors, among others.