A guide to men’s dress shoes

A guide to men’s dress shoes

According to experts, when you are purchasing dress shoes, you should go for a pair of the best quality with the perfect fit. Dress shoes are typically worn on formal occasions and thus, even the slightest fault in the looks may ruin your overall impression.
Your choice of dress shoes is entirely dependent on your requirements, budget, and the deals available. You will not be able to spend beyond your means but the trick is to select the best option within your budget. After all, dress shoes draw the fine line between making and breaking the entire appearance of a man.

Types Of Men’s Shoes
There are probably an endless variety of men’s shoes across the US. Some of them have succeeded to emerge as the most coveted pieces. When you are willing to invest in men’s dress shoes, you should look to buy any one of these styles so that you appear both timeless and trendy. Here are a few variants that you should consider.
1. Dark Black Leather Formal Shoes
The black cap toe dress shoes could be your first choice. The sleek simplicity of these shoes make them ideal for most formal occasions. Be it a black tie or a funeral or a wedding or a job interview, this pair will fit in seamlessly.

2. Box Calf Leather Dress Shoes
If you want to pair up your dress shoe with a professional attire or business suits, then make sure that you have shoes made of box calf leather.

3. Brown Leather Brogues
If you intend to look different from the crowd, then this pair of dress shoes should be your footwear staple. Brogues originated from the marshy bogs of Scotland. It was equipped with numerous tiny holes through which water could drain out. Its versatility contributes to its uniqueness and makes it one of the most sought after pair of men’s dress shoes.

Importance of Shoe Maintenance
Caring and maintaining your shoes is critical for its durability. Your pair of dress shoes is limited by its construction and overall quality. However, even a cheap pair can last if you maintain it well.
Cleaning and shining the pair of shoes regularly will prevent cracks in the leather and keep it supple.
Make sure that you use absorbent shoe trees each time after taking off the shoes. This will absorb the sweat and prevent buildup of bacteria. It will also keep your shoes in shape.
It is advised to buy more than one pair of shoes. You should avoid wearing the same pair for three days in a row.
Keep in mind these few tips. You will be able to choose the best men’s dress shoes. Take care to ensure that your prized possession continues to serve you for a long time.