How to buy cheap auto parts?

How to buy cheap auto parts?

Some auto parts are parts are priced to the moon simply because customers are unaware of the fact that an auto part that took a mere $5 to manufacture carries up to 5000% premium as it reaches the retail counter.

Sure, you want to buy cheap auto parts, but not at the cost of compromising on the quality. Following tips might help you to get around an auto shop (online or otherwise) and help you to get cheap auto parts without getting washed away on quality.

If you get an auto part at cheap rate, call the dealership to confirm your specific part number before finalizing on the purchase. Some parts are unique to certain engines and transmissions. Getting cheap auto parts that do not match with the engine or transmission part number can potentially affect computer modules and sensors to even the basic items like alternators and starters.

There are a couple of websites that offer the largest database of used auto parts that could be available reasonable rates. Some of the websites include,,, etc. Even if you find cheap auto parts on these websites, shipping them overseas might cost you extra, so take the place of delivery into consideration.

Classified advertisement websites could be a sham
Buying cheap auto parts that are listed on classified advertisement websites might not always be a good source. What is advertised on these websites might not be the same when you actually go to buy and you might actually end up spending more.

Haggle politely
Most junkyards and auto garages that sell cheap auto parts have the common courtesy to match the lower price of an auto part at another retailer. So even if you haggle or bargain with the person on the other side of the counter, make sure you do your homework before fishing for lower price.

Coupons can be of great help
Buying auto parts from retailers can prove to be an expensive affair. To buy cheap auto parts, look for websites that provide auto coupons, coupon codes or manufacturer rebates, which you might not find usually on general auto websites. If you find yourself short of that ‘$50 off on $150’ purchase, add some items to the cart that you are going to use anyway in the future.

Get medieval!
If the power of internet does not help you find the cheap auto parts you need, pay a visit to some self-service junkyards. Many auto-hobbyists will take out time and bring their own tools to find the auto part they want, from a car or a powertrain in the junkyard, remove it themselves, and take home at reasonable rates