LED TV’s best-kept secrets

LED TV’s best-kept secrets

There are many buyers out there who go to purchase a TV and end up with something that they did not plan in the first place. Purchasing a TV requires a lot of homework on the part of a buyer to understand the nitty-gritty of how an LED TV functions.

Sometimes the salespeople are not able to perfectly review the LED TV either. A buyer has so many questions and not a single person to answer them.

LED TV’s best-kept secret

There are some things that salespeople or even the vendors do not want to disclose to their customers. LED TV is one such business where best-kept secrets often result in sales surge for the manufacturers and retailers. Here are some of them:

  • Beautiful picture, no sound

One thing every buyer should know that in an LED TV, there is no coordination of sound and picture. A good picture does not ensure good sound. So, connect external speakers or invest in a good surround sound system.

  • Not good enough

If you got an LED TV at the best price, it does not mean that you got a good deal. It may also mean that either the TV is refurbished, opened, or a returned model. It is always better to check the warranty card before buying.

  • Fool proof

Often the buyers notice that while the LED TV is in store, the picture quality is awesome but the moment you bring it home, everything looks dull. The reason behind this is because the TV sets on display in the stores are kept to their maximum brightest levels. This is sales gimmicky to entice the buyers.

  • Same day service

Once you book and order the LED TV, make sure you set up the installation same day itself. Once you delay and the TV fails to work, be ready to take the blame.

  • Blu-ray addicts

Buy 1080p, only if you are going to watch a lot of Blu-ray stuff. Otherwise investing money in 1080p technology does not make sense.

These were some of the untold mysteries or secrets that salespersons do not want to reveal or educate the buyers about the LED TVs.