Okra diabetes treatments – The natural and green way to control blood sugar

Okra diabetes treatments – The natural and green way to control blood sugar

Have you been diagnosed with blood sugar? Then you have joined millions of Americans who suffer from this disorder.

There are many reasons for a person’s pancreas to stop manufacturing insulin needed for efficient metabolism. This leads to a higher level of sugar in the blood stream and the person is said to be suffering from diabetes. There are mainly 2 types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2, the latter being the more serious level of the disorder.

Personal lifestyles, food habits and factors like obesity are the underlying causes of diabetes, apart from hereditary reasons. There is an evolved mainstream treatment procedure for diabetes using a combination of drugs, regulated diet and regular physical exercises. However, there has been a lot of work done outside of the medical field to go back to nature to find solutions to this disorder. One of them includes okra diabetes treatments. Okra is a very commonly available green vegetable and has been a part of regular food recipes the world over. In some parts of the world, okra is also called ladies’ finger.

Drinking water after soaking okra overnight
One of the most frequently advised okra diabetes treatments is the following a routine.
Take a few pieces (4 or 5) of okra
Cut the head and tail portion and make a vertical split
Soak these in a glass or bowl of water
Leave it covered overnight
In the morning, take out the okra and drink the water which has the juice from the vegetable mixed in it
Do this every day without fail. Keep testing your blood sugar levels. It is bound to show a fall and if you were diagnosed with pre-diabetes, you can be declared as being no longer diabetic. You can stop any medication and live a normal life.

How does it work?
The immediate reasons for recommending okra as a remedy for diabetes is not very tough to understand. The vegetable is rich in fiber and is low on calories. And these 2 are the basic dietary suggestions given to diabetics. The scientific explanation is that okra is able to block glucose. This has been firmly established through tests on rats, though a similar test has not been done on humans. But researches show that okra has some medicinal properties and the okra diabetes treatments are built around these properties. The seeds of okra can also be used for treating diabetes.

Some precautions
While following natural remedies for known disorders like diabetes, care should be taken that it does not interfere with any kind of treatment or medication being currently taken by the patient. In case you are already receiving treatment for diabetes, then it is advisable to check with your physician before consuming okra in any medicinal form. For pre-diabetics and those who have just found their blood sugar levels are high, the okra treatment could work effectively.