Quirky ideas to implement on birthday cards

Quirky ideas to implement on birthday cards

Birthdays are always special occasions, times when parties and celebrations tend to go out of hand. But who says cards cannot as well? Here are some crazy ideas to implement on birthday cards that are sure to be a hoot with the receiver of it!

If you’d like to give your friend a little scare on their special day, listen up. Simply take a plastic lizard or cockroach or any other small, slimy thing your friend detests and fashion it as a pop up inside the card. When the receiver opens it, it’s sure to freeze their heart for a second as they scream in horror, while you laugh manically in joy. A simple prank with just a birthday card!

The next idea would be to give the receiver a card that plays soft, sweet music once it is opened. The idea here is to let them enjoy that music for a few seconds but tweak the audio in such a way that halfway through the audio, it starts to play a wide variety of animal noises. This is sure to surprise your friend for several beats as they try to process what is happening!

The next idea is simple yet will surely stump the receiver of your birthday card. Simply take a colored paper, fold it into a traditional card shape, and stick it into an envelope in such a manner that it cannot be removed. Then make another card, but this time the real one with decorations and dedications and hide it with you. Give the birthday person the card in the envelope and watch as they valiantly try to remove the card from the envelope without any success. Finally, after seeing them struggle enough, whip out the real one and present it to them. You’re sure to get the stink eye, but it’ll be worth it!

The final idea is making the birthday person find your birthday card by means of a treasure hunt. Provide them with various clues and make them solve these to find the hidden treasure – your birthday card! This would be amusing not only for the birthday person but also for you as you’ll figure out how much of a detective your friend truly is!

These easy-to-implement yet quirky ideas are sure to trick your friend on their birthday and provide them with a little bit of fun on their special day!