Things you need to know about adult diapers

Things you need to know about adult diapers

Of all types of incontinence, the stress, urge and debility incontinence are most difficult to live with as they create lots of inconvenience in everyday life. Most of the time the cause of incontinence is beyond the victim’s control.

Stress incontinence is due to muscle weakness and any sudden pressure in the abdomen causes a leakage of urine. In Urge incontinence, the leak occurs when the urinary bladder suddenly contracts. Clearly, the muscular behavior is neither predictable nor under one’s control. It is not that treatment isn’t available for these conditions. However, there are cases where all treatments are futile, and ordinary ones have not produced the desired results and the patient is not going for sophisticated ones for reasons of their own. Debility incontinence is often not effectively treatable and can only be managed. Even when treatments are instituted, they take time to really kick in’ and give effective relief. In all these cases the only recourse is to employ suitable physical means of absorbing the leaked urine in a medium with high absorbing capacities.

One of the most convenient means is provided by adult diapers. These are made of wood pulp and synthetic polyacrylate sandwiched between dual layers of waterproof layers of polyethylene sheets. A water repellent layer is also placed below the absorbent layers. Thus, the absorbent layers of wood pulp and synthetic polyacrylate is isolated and does not leak urine to outside. This ensures that the adjacent skin is kept substantially dry and protects it from the incidents of fungal and other infections. They are of huge help in old age homes and institutions where the aged and disabled are taken care of. Hospitals have needs for large quantities of diapers of different sizes and capacities to suite their patient population and their needs.

Using adult diapers
Here are some of the common steps you must follow while using adult diapers to ensure greater ease and comfort.

  • Change the diaper as soon as they are saturated. Using a barrier ointment will prevent leakages due to occasional delay in changing diapers and during changing body positions.
  • To overcome the anxiety of others noticing the use of diapers, use comfortable loosing fitting garments.
  • Wear dark colored dress which, to some degree, will help hide small leaks that may occur.
  • It is very important to expose the area to open air to ensure drying of the skin, along with use of dusting with a dusting powder.