Tips for buying the right Christmas tree skirt

Tips for buying the right Christmas tree skirt

Christmas tree skirts are an integral part of Christmas trees. Without them, they look bare and somehow naked. The skirts also help catch any loose tree needles that may fall. It’s important to know how to choose the right size of Christmas tree skirt for the tree as well. Too large and you block the path and take up more space, too small, and you leave the stand bare. Here are the best ways to make sure you buy the right size skirt for your Christmas tree:

Choosing the right Christmas tree skirt size
There are many Christmas skirt sizes out there and not all of them are right for your particular tree. If you have a small tree which is indoors, you might want to opt for the 18 inch Christmas tree skirt, 24 inch Christmas tree skirt, 30 inch Christmas tree skirt, or the 36 inch Christmas tree skirt depending on the tree size.

Moreover, if you have a large outdoor Christmas tree, then you will have to opt for a larger skirt. Go for the 48 inch Christmas tree skirt, 56 inch Christmas tree skirt, 70 inch Christmas tree skirt, 72 inch Christmas tree skirt, or even the largest gigantic 84 inch Christmas tree skirt.

How to find out which size is ideal
First determine the diameter, by measuring the entire width of the circle formed by the stand and tips of the outer branches of the tree. Whatever the size, the skirt should definitely be hiding the unsightly stand from view.

Larger ornate skirt
If you don’t want to use the 18 inch Christmas tree skirt for your small tree and want something larger, then go for an ornate skirt. The skirt will then look extremely beautiful, and accentuate the entire Christmas tree. Only opt for sizes just one size larger, as a skirt which is too big will cause more problems.

Avoid tripping hazards
It can be difficult to know which size skirt to buy, but whatever you do, don’t buy one that is inordinately large. The last thing you need is a tripping hazard in your living room. The holiday season is better off without people falling all over the place.

So go ahead and make the purchase of the Christmas tree skirt that you had in mind. Without it your tree is incomplete, but make sure to buy the right one for your tree. Just like you buy the correct sized clothes for yourself, a good tree needs a correct sized skirt.