Why One Must Choose a Cricket Cell Phone

Why One Must Choose a Cricket Cell Phone

If you are planning to buy a decent-looking smartphone with good features that would not burn a hole in your pocket, you must consider buying a cell phone from Cricket. Cricket cell phone buyers can subscribe to attractive Cricket wireless plans. The great connectivity all over the country makes for an even a better reason to buy a Cricket cell phone. Be it a Samsung Galaxy S8, ZTE Blade X Max or Alcatel Idol 5, Cricket offers you all.

Cricket, a subsidiary of AT&T, sells refurbished cell phones in good condition for dirt-cheap prices. Although numerous new cell phone models are hitting the market stands every day, you may feel skepticism about making a choice between a new upgraded cell phone and a Cricket cell phone.

Reasons to buy a Cricket cell phone

Here are six reasons to help you figure out why you should buy a Cricket cell phone:

You can use your personal favorite for as long as you like

By buying a second-hand Cricket cell phone, you get a chance to use that phone for the years to come, the condition being you are not crazy for the newest gadget in the market. Sometimes, if a company has stopped manufacturing a particular model, the easiest way to obtain the same is through Cricket.

Help save the environment

Newer technology has resulted in a tremendous rise in e-waste. If you happen to be the one to buy a Cricket cell phone, you also become the wise one. This is because using a refurbished phone also indicates that you have taken a significant step in saving the environment. Although companies have the option of recycling the components of various gadgets, they prefer to use them for as long a duration as they can. Toxic chemicals in the cellphone’s battery and components have been degrading the environment. Buying a pre-owned certified Cricket cell phone gives you a reason to pat yourself on the back for being environmentally friendly.

No regrets

The regret of overspending is the one that keeps eating you up from inside for a long time. When you happen to buy a Cricket cell phone, you tend to bear no regret because you get to save a major chunk of your budget this way. Not only that, in the wildest of all nightmares, if, perhaps, you tend to lose it, you would not be that disappointed had you bought a brand-new cell phone. In case you happen to change your mind, there is an option of a seven-day replacement plan that allows you to exchange or return your Cricket cell phone. The seven-day time period starts from the day you receive your order.

Quality matters

Another reason to buy Cricket cell phones is that the quality is assured here. These cell phones are inspected on a regular basis. They will also provide a warranty card for a limited duration as the testimony of their work. Cricket checks all its cell phones to ensure that they function well. They are upgraded to the latest version of the respective operating system with no personal information of the previous cell phone owner available.

Cricket Wireless

The excellent wireless service that Cricket has to offer you will blow your mind away. By using AT&T’s network, Cricket prepaid services pricing is very pocket friendly. The 4G plan offers impressive speed, unlimited data, texting and calling all across the country.

Save money

There can’t be any doubt about cheaper deals being the reason for people choosing to buy a refurbished cell phone despite new cell phones being available in the market. While you save money by buying a Cricket cell phone, you can use the remaining amount in buying something else that you have been planning. You spend a much lesser amount for a cell phone that is as good as a brand new one.